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James Driskill <inthemindway@gmail.com>

YouTube Presentation : Why Do I not fit into a box or mold :: Your option not mine --- to change your bullshit!
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Martin J. Driskill <inthemindway@gmail.com>Mon, Mar 12, 2018 at 8:17 AM
To: Doctor Mirza <smirza@dbh.sbcounty.gov>, "Stephen @Gruwup Therapist Graves" <sgraves@dbh.sbcounty.gov>, "#Jonathan.Arellano-Jackson : #Kramobone-The.Good" <JArellano-Jackson@pd.sbcounty.gov>, "Bethany Barbaoza Case Manager at dbh.sbcounty.gov" <bbarboza@dbh.sbcounty.gov>
Cc: MHSA@dbh.sbcounty.gov


My entire personal care mental health wellness team at the Phoenix Community Counseling Center, San Bernardino County Department of Behavioral Health along with public defender attorney Jonathan Arellano Jackson representing #Kramobone-The.Good here.

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I am a Virgo born here in San Bernardino and this was my horoscope page the other day that I captured for use.
I don't use horoscopes often, but in this case, it applies.
The screen snapshot of horoscope site information page reads with a slight added comment here::

All About Virgo : August 23 - September 22

The analytical mind of a Virgo is never satisfied.  Ruled by information seeking Mercury, you intelligent individuals live to soak up knowledge.  Expecting nothing but the best from yourself and those around you, service-oriented Virgo is always happy to help others achieve certain standards.  Luckily, while your mind is always reeling with the next critique, your fast and witty sense of humor [ which I have lost due to #ConspiracyExposed ] supports your light-hearted side -- and keeps you on the good side of others.


I do not accept the conditions of the status quo against my life choices.  I do not accept irrational thinking paradigms that does not enable my rights as a person with disabilities per the United Nations mandates on our society responsibility and duty toward each other.  These rights that would enable me to become a full and equal contributing member of society to the full accepted practice of sharing wisdom and truth.   I do not except asinine excuses to detach our world realities for selfish sides of disinterested motives or worse yet to cover up or become internal of problems you may find as a conflict of interest to not engage me because of your side of corruption histories that you do not wish to rock the boat as they call it.   It is time to stand up and rock the boat together and tip the boat over and go for a little or big swim as we may need. You will find the use of Madonna's Track Song Swim in a media presentation on Soundcloud in the name of my former case manager at the Colorado Health Network.  The title on Soundcloud is::


Madonna lyrics from Swim off the album Ray of Light

Verse 1]
Put your head on my shoulder baby
Things can't get any worse
Night is getting colder
Sometimes life feels like it's a curse

I can't carry these sins on my back
Don't wanna carry any more
I'm gonna carry this train off the track
I'm gonna swim to the ocean floor

Crash to the other shore
Swim to the ocean floor

[Verse 2]
Children killing children while the
Students rape their teachers
Comets fly across the sky
While the churches burn their preachers

We can't carry these sins on our back
Don't wanna carry any more
We're gonna carry this train off the track
We're gonna swim to the ocean floor

Crash to the other shore
Swim to the ocean floor

Let the water wash over you
Wash it all over you
Swim to the ocean floor
So that we can begin again
Wash away all our sins
Crash to the other shore


I can't carry these sins on my back
Don't wanna carry any more
I'm gonna carry this train off the track
I'm gonna swim to the ocean floor

Crash to the other shore
Swim to the ocean floor

My mission work has now a reaching out platform of commons that I have found to engage in attempting to bring my mission work forward.  This organizations common ideal focus only debuts last month February 4th.

Why does your field of work should be incorporated as unified into mine is obvious by the graphic that is displayed on this page:  It relates to the brain and behavioral sciences of addiction.
Showing a screen snapshot of the top of the problem page from HumaneTech.com --- shows the title banner

Our society is being hijacked by technology.   A picture of a human brain with numbered references to different location areas within our brain. Under the picture of a human brain is the text

What we feel as addiction is a part of something much bigger.
There's an invisible problem that's affecting all of our society.

This site appears online less than 60 days ago.

So, they are at the ground floor of change. I have been in this mission work for over ten years with the registration of my domain set which was started June of 2006.  I started it first.  But you don't trust me yet to have that answer.  You want to bury your head in the sand of implausibilities that a person with bipolar disorder or any disability of the mind can be so wise and intelligent to offer this solution. You want to disenfranchise my opportunities in our society.  IT IS WRONG to allow you to do this against me.  It is offensive and an insult to my intelligence and is why I am so upset with you all or anyone who is not showing their character wisdom wise outward toward me but prevaricating the truth hiding away in shadows of vagueness or silence extremes.

I want and demand change.  I have a YouTube video presentation that I do believe is complete.  If you do not accept that I am the man of peace building mission work that you must allow to hit your heart of intelligence brain to follow then we have no other reason to exchange in our lives.

I have my right to chastise you and to reprimand you for your insolence for you too allowing the haters to win. . 

For I am that one man who needs to take the reigns away from irrational thinking ideas and bring forward better working models everywhere.  If you do not have interest in my work, you cannot be a part of any interface on my life.  AND that I will be firm, sound, strong, and defiant that if you attempt to alter my course path choice for some altered vision of your reality is better than my future vision of change.  You would be wrong to delay your involvements here too.  I am now living homeless of independence in my family childhood home that I grew up in since age 5 because of an #ConspiracyExposed, which I can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that it is them and not me as being the problem and not the solution. 

I have presentation documents to be delivered to you in the next course work weeks that will be delivered with transmittal business record of receipt and processing on your side of these responsibilities to our world that you must follow and enable my rights per the United Nations convention on the rights for persons with disabilities as my most closest reach of a governmental authority of "the state" representing common decency.

Each one of you requires to answer these two questions when you encounter this content.

Are you with them therefore against me? 


Are you with me and therefore against them?  Therefore they deserve reprimands for what they have done to me.  Who are they?  Let's say, it first starts with Colorado Health Network aka Denver Colorado Aids Project but we have a closer interface at Foothill Aids Project that needs to be reset to proper balanced relations that should be considered a strike the fire confrontation of decency.   Everyone has allowed the haters to win and it is wrong to maintain this silence.  I guarantee that history is on my side of the future world of what will be our way of peace living society life.  Join with me and find resolution for these as soon as possible remedy for these undeserving and unnecessary conflicts that happened.  Your delay is standing in my way.

------[ Youtube Video Playlist Presentation ]-----------

@Gruwup Conflict Resolution System Presentation

Presenting the foundation of ideals to the development of a new technology interface of an assisted conflict resolution system. In our world, we have intractable conflicts that remain challenged to be placed upright and resolved. These challenges go to a lack in communication tools that focuses on unification. Counter to what one might think, our society with the current popularity mainstream social media tool platforms being used is becoming detached by way of these technology tools. They are generating one more media marketing frenzy to the profit of companies at the expense of addiction and mental health. Our society is being hijacked by technology. The problem is described in this link [ http://humanetech.com/problem#the-way-forward ]. I propose a two tier cooperative development project. First, the introduction of a morality currency accounting and tracking system called #Kramobones. Second, a user interface that will engage users across domains or even offline that will enable the temporary human to human or human to group collective purpose bonding presence of the peace and reconciliation binding knot of #Mpatapo. These two symbols are sourced from the African adinkra symbolic communication system and much can be utilized in the entire adinkra set of symbols to the creation of a new communication tool. The way adinkra is communicative effective is found in this link. [ https://www.christinebedenis.co/2017/Fadinkra-symbols-ghana ]. This can work to form new understandings across culturally different lifestyles. There are over a hundred adinkra symbols in use today. The final video presented in this presentation is an introduction to the adinkra.


Peace and wellness to you all at Phoenix Community Counseling Center, San Bernardino California,


James Martin Driskill
3260 Grande Vista
San Bernardino CA 92405

I am seeking true friends in this world and a place to live where true friends are found among society freely and not a hate collective caddy group in view and control and reigns of hate that is directing or pulling the puppet strings of illusions, deceptions, lies, and abusive relationships unjustified called into interference of my free flowing honest living cheat free and stealing free life..

All you have to do is read the Glassdoor employee reviews posted after my departure demise because no one would confront this hate collective leadership.  No one had the balls to stand up and show some way out of their hateful mess.   But after I am gone, I deserve to be placed back upright as quickly and justly as possible, no further delays are tolerated.


Former Employee - Anonymous Employee
Doesn't Recommend
Neutral Outlook

I worked at Colorado Health Network full-time


The mission at CHN is good.


Very caddy work environment for the most part.

Advice to Management

Get to know employees better


Helpful (2)

Former Employee - Client Services in Denver, CO
Doesn't Recommend
Negative Outlook

I worked at Colorado Health Network (Less than a year)


Case Managers are not micro-managed, occasionally drug companies will come in and bring free lunch, relaxed dress code, on a major bus line


Management is awful. They do not trust their employees with anything - not even tissues. If you want a box of tissues you have to go to upstairs and talk to the them. One person stores them in his office.

They had a big "investigation" because two employees quit because of racism and discrimination within the organization - the "investigation" was "inconclusive". They had a meeting with all of the staff (that was announced 24 hours prior). Regarding discrimination. It was said that we were diverse "we have one of everything". How can an organization thrive when a top official is racist?

If you are a woman or person of color, it is very hard to move up in the org and be heard. If you are a cute, white male, you will do well in this company.

Turnover is high!
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Advice to Management

Maybe start with a little bit of respect (for clients and staff)?


Helpful (1)

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee
Doesn't Recommend
Negative Outlook

I have been working at Colorado Health Network full-time (Less than a year)


Brand new facility, friendly coworkers, easy access to downtown. Interviews are too easy. Great benefits. Benefits those less fortunate.


Oppressive leadership, disingenuous management, dishonest business practices. I really wan to like this place but the management could use some training. I have witnessed some dishonest business practices going on here. Toxic work environment. Pay is very low. Upper level management is very elitist, discriminating, and oppressive toward other staff.

Advice to Management

Take some training courses to learn how to perform your job better. Many may have landed in their current positions due to the Peter Principle. Do some house cleaning, see who actually contributes to the successful functioning of the company and trim the fat. Just because someone is fun outside of work and makes you laugh does not mean they are competent managers that need to be leading other people. Take a look in the mirror.

End of Glassdoor Reviews. I am sure there will be more future employee review posts showing this negative light on their organization.

I arrived back in town San Bernardino the week of July 17th.  No previous Glassdoor employee reviews appear on the site before I had to leave town Denver  I tried to get the involvement of their Executive Director as I sit there living in my car.  I REFUSED TO LIVE IN MY CAR FOR DAYS AND WEEKS WAITING FOR CHANGE.

This I posted to Facebook: